A Visual Effects Producer should be the “first in, last out” individual when working on a Visual Effects-oriented feature, from liaising directly with the initial client (producer / director) and overseeing the entire project through to the structuring and organising the day to day planning of the work within the studio. He / She should be able to foresee any potential issues and have a plan B, C and D to ensure that the process goes smoothly and deliveries are met. He / She should have spent time and should also double up as a Visual Effects Supervisor. The Supervisor, like the Producer, should have gone through every single aspect of the VFX process within their career, therefore has the unique ability to effectively supervise a shoot by knowing the full process of requirements of a single shot or sequence, ensuring that every single facet of the process are catered for and have the drive and determination to liaise with the creatives to ensure everything the studio requires is obtained. He / She should also be able to foresee any issues in the process and also be able to suggest enhancements and alternatives to the client to ensure the best possible result is obtained.


Being at the top of the food chain and with a primary instinct to kill (but refrain at the last minute – we kinda value our artists here!) you should be at the top of your game and exceptionally efficient in managing a team of wayward artists. We are looking for well-seasoned professionals who have experienced the full gamut of the VFX pipeline throughout their careers to work with us within the VFX Production process and / or to Supervise Visual Effects shoots or to assist our existing supervisors.