We are always on the look-out for in-house and remote artists, from graduate to supervisor levels with a wide range of skills.
However, our expectations are considerably high so if you think you have got what it takes to be a “Makutan“, please submit a showreel and resume. We’re looking for “characters” – we don’t want clones, we want you to break the mould and help us break ours (if we have any left by the time you get here). Quirkiness is a bonus – hey us artists need a little quirky eh?
We consider freelancers / contractors both local and overseas, depending on the individual and feature(s) currently in progress and the need to ramp up our talent pool. However, if you’re absolutely awesome, we’ll more than likely take you no matter what.
Note: has to be exceptionally awesome. Like “awesome-awesome”.
Please note that for all positions, a showreel / portfolio is essential to be considered with complete shot breakdowns. Applications without a showreel will NOT be considered.
Send all work to or post to the address in the Contact section.
For the most up to date vacancies and information, please see our Twitter feed or Facebook page.
Please no cold calls – we review all showreels and if we need you we will be in touch.